Tips For Excelling In Online Classes While Still In The Military

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Tips For Excelling In Online Classes While Still In The Military

If you do not plan on remaining in the military forever, you should start making some future career plans before you even leave. For most military members, it is easier to find a job if you have at least some college education under your belt. Schools have increasingly begun offering online classes, which are far more accessible to military members. But how do you ensure you excel in these classes while still juggling the other responsibilities that come with serving your country? Here are a few tips.

1. Attend a school that has a program especially for military members.

Most online courses are flexible, but schools that offer programs designed specifically for military members are even more flexible. Colleges that provide online university for military members will be more understanding if you suddenly need an extra week to complete an assignment because you were assigned extra duties on base or if you have to start a class late due to your military schedule.

2. Set goals for yourself.

If you just haphazardly say you're going to take a few classes here and there while you're still enlisted, that's ambiguous, and you're less likely to follow through. If you set a concrete goal for yourself and work towards it, you're more likely to actually dedicate the time and get it done. Your goal could be to take two classes per year until you're released, or it could be to earn your associate's degree by the time your service is over. Write it down, put it on your fridge, and remind yourself of that goal each day.

3. Use your short spurts of spare time.

Don't wait until you have a whole afternoon or evening free to spend time on your classes. Squeeze in 10-minute study sessions whenever you have a few spare minutes. Just 4 spare 10-minute sessions per day can add up to 40 minutes a day spent studying, which is pretty substantial. And that's just time you would have otherwise spent playing on your phone or chatting with buddies.

4. Ask your family members and friends to support you.

Make sure your family members and your close friends know you're attending school and that you need support right now. Ask them to be understanding if you can't attend events due to school obligations. Maybe they can bring you a takeout meal once a week so you don't have to cook dinner and can spend more time studying — or maybe you can think of other ways for them to help. If they can free up a little of your time, you can use it well.

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